International Shipping: terms and conditions

We partnered with to offer shipping to USA, Canada and Europe.

The shipping cost is $750 pesos MXN (flat rate).

REMINDER: all our prices are displayed in Mexican Pesos by default. You can convert the amounts to USD or EUR with our currency converter, located on the right side of the website.


STEP 1: Place your order on our website.

Once you validate your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the payment details.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Domestic US transfer (we recommend to process the transfer by Zelle as it doesn’t generate any fees)
  • International wire transfer (HSBC account in Europe)
  • Cryptocurrencies (5% discount)

STEP 2: Send your payment.

In case you send your money by Zelle / Wire transfer, send us a confirmation of your transfer ([email protected]) once it is processed.

Payments by cryptocurrencies are validated and processed automatically.

DONE! We’ll send your order as fast as we can.

Please note that we’ll provide you your tracking number when America-Ship ships your order from their warehouse in Brownsville, TX. So be patient: it will take a few working days before we can send you this tracking number.


Please take note that we are shipping from Mexico.

The whole process can take time, due to various factors:

  1. Intra-Mexico shipping time (time it takes for your package to be delivered at our reshipper’s warehouse at the Mexico/US border): Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mexican shipping companies delivery times have increased significantly.
  2. Processing time by America-Ship and cross border operations: takes between 3 and 4 business days on average. Cross borders operations take time and paperwork…
  3. Shipping of your order from America-Ship’s warehouse on the US side of the border to your address: once America-Ship sends your order, the average delivery time is 2 working days (for the US). If you’re in Europe or Canada, it will take longer.

So all in all, the average delivery time between your payment and the delivery of your order takes around 10 days if you’re in the US. If you are in Europe in Canada, it will probably take a few weeks. Please be patient…


US customers: In case your order gets lost, we’ll reship it at no cost. We cover up to $1000 USD of merchandise per shipment.